A friend of mine sent me an email regarding buying bra’s……..

Marks and believe it or not Matalan have a small range, not inspiring.  However, since having my second mastectomy I have been buying Gennie bras from TV, they are so comfortable and supportive; ok they do not rock the boat, but they cost approx £10, and depending on a person’s needs can be bought through internet some-what cheaper.
Hope that is helpful

I must admit I use Marks or John Lewis’s.

When I went for my first fitting for my new prosthetics I was taken into a ‘cupboard’, where there was hardly room for Emma, the fitter & myself.

The whole experience was horrendous, the fitter told me she had no pairs of prosthetics only single ones & I would have to wait. She wanted me to tell her what size I wanted. When you have geared yourself up for the fitting & perhaps feeling halfway feminine again this was not what I wanted to hear. In the end she found a pair & I took them, regardless of size.

I left & went to John Lewis’s for coffee. After fortification we wandered into the lingerie department, where a lady named Sue took me under her wing, found me bras helped me into them & treated me with dignity & care……I could have cried. I felt so much better once I was properly fitted, clothes hung correctly again & I felt I was emerging from under a cloud & getting back to my old self.