My Story

In 2012 aged 53 I was diagnosed with breast cancer…….. I am 15 years older than my mother was when she was diagnosed, so I have a lot to be thankful for.  My husband & I have two children, both in their 20’s & we run three residential care homes in Norfolk for elderly people living with a dementia. We employ over 100 wonderful caring staff.

I have a very active father who is married to the best step mum, 3 sisters and a brother.

When the letter arrived from the hospital to say an appointment had been made for me following my routine mammogram, I knew what the outcome would be….I think I have always felt fatalistic following my mothers diagnosis….stupid I know. I have always had scans & mammograms, sometimes through the NHS other times paid for privately.

Following that initial appointment, I was sent for biopsies, scans, blood tests etc etc. Every time another appointment, parking costs, time off work, refreshment’s….I did not realise prior to all this how expensive being ill could be..naïve!